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The Future of Construction Is Modular Webinar


´╗┐Construction Executive Webinar


Date: Wednesday, Dec.15

Time: 1 p.m. CT

Speaker: Ray Boff, National Prefab Leader, DPR Construction; Tom Hardiman, Executive Director, Modular Building Institute

Moderator: Chris Durso, Editor-in-Chief, Construction Executive; Maggie Murphy, Managing Editor, Construction Executive; Rachel O’Connell, Assistant Editor, Construction Executive


In the past five years, the use of modular construction methods has doubled in the United States. It’s expected to represent more than 10% of all construction work by the year 2030. Shifting construction away from traditional sites and into factories is enabling contractors to build faster and better—reducing claims by standardizing work and creating opportunities for improved quality assurance. In addition, modular construction holds the promise of significantly boosting productivity, an area where the industry has lagged behind other sectors.


Join our panel of experts to learn what modular construction is all about, including considerations for going modular and how contractors have used it to enable growth while improving the quality of their projects. By the end of the program, you’ll understand how modular construction can help contractors:

  • Alleviate the effects of a lack of skilled workers, including helping to attract new talent to the industry.
  • Manage the construction backlog with existing personnel.
  • Reduce claims and defects through improved quality control.
  • Finish projects faster, enabling contractors to take on more work.
  • Bid on bigger projects.




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