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National Association for Women in Construction

ABC Arkansas and NAWIC have developed a strategic partnership on a state level to encourage all our members to get involved with this association and support the women in our industry!


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Core Purpose:  Strengthen and amplify the success of women in the construction industry.   


The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) is a professional association comprised of women working in construction and related industries in a variety of positions. NAWIC was founded in 1953 to create a support network for women working in a male-dominated field. Today, NAWIC has 115 chapters throughout the United States that provide its members with opportunities for professional development, education, networking, leadership training, public service and more. NAWIC continues the vision of its founding members by advocating for the value and impact of women builders, professionals and tradeswomen in all aspects of the construction industry.


The Greater Little Rock Chapter is very active!  We host monthly membership meetings where we hear from informative speakers and network with peers. We offer several educational programs; conduct a variety of community service projects; and provide business development opportunities, often times with other construction related organizations. Some of our annual special events include the Valentine’s Day Dance for the students at the Arkansas School for the Deaf, multiple events during ‘Women in Construction Week’, Industry Appreciation Night, and an Annual Bowling Tournament. 


In addition to engaging women who are already employed, we also work with students who are interested in careers in construction! We welcome student members; plus we offer an annual scholarship to a Construction Management student at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock! Whether it’s receiving our scholarship, or just making connections through us, we are big believers in workforce development! 


Join today and experience the power of NAWIC!



Greater Little Rock Chapter Members

  1. Jen Adams | AGC Arkansas | [email protected]
  2. Elizabeth Amador | Airetech Corporation | [email protected]
  3. Tammy Andrews | Koontz Electric | [email protected]
  4. Kristy Angyal | Kip A Moore & Associates, P.A. Architects | [email protected]
  5. Mary Benton | City Electric Supply | [email protected]
  6. Gail Bishop | Cline Construction Group | [email protected]
  7. Rebecca Black | Retired |[email protected]
  8. Emilee Bowles
  9. Jacquelyn Brewer | Baldwin and Shell | [email protected]
  10. Kera Britton | Nabholz Construction Corporation | [email protected]
  11. Lola Burton | The Cashion Company Ins. & Bonding, LLC | [email protected]
  12. Alison Camp | Baldwin&Shell Construction Company | [email protected]
  13. Lea Cecsarini | McGeorge Contracting Co., INC. | [email protected]
  14. Shelli Crowell | Koontz Electric Company Inc. | [email protected]
  15. Fayla Cunningham | Peneprime of Arkansas | [email protected]
  16. Lea Ann Davis | Hum's Hardware & Rental | [email protected]
  17. Sarah Fulmer | Koontz Electric Co., Inc. |
  18. Megan (Greenland) Williams | Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. | [email protected]
  19. Lisa Holder | Nabholz Construction | [email protected]
  20. Emily Hudgins | Kimbel Mechanical Systems, Inc. | [email protected]
  21. Amanda Jones | Scott Jones Custom Homes, Inc. | [email protected]
  22. Shawnequa Junearick | Little Rock School District | [email protected]
  23. Keisha Knight
  24. Pam Ledford | Cromwell Architects Engineers | [email protected]
  25. Mandy Lloyd | Mr. Blinds | [email protected]
  26. Jennifer Lytle | Baldwin&Shell Construction Company | [email protected]
  27. Amanda Mack | Baldwin & Shell Construction Company | [email protected]
  28. Mary Magee | Retired | [email protected]
  29. Beth Maris | Nabholz Construction Corp | [email protected]
  30. Dorothy Marshall | Mcgeorge Contracting | [email protected]
  31. Courtney Martin
  32. Julie Martin | The Cashion Company Ins. & Bonding, LLC | [email protected]
  33. Gwen Mayabb | Hum’s Hardware & Rental | [email protected]
  34. Dena McCormick |Retired           
  35. Laura McKinney | CDI Contractors, LLC | [email protected]
  36. Ifeoma Mogbo | Magnificent Edifice Construction, LLC | [email protected]
  37. Kimberly Moore | Koontz Electric Co., Inc. | [email protected]
  38. Jeannie Morava |  Gary Houston Electric Co Inc | [email protected]
  39. Allison Morris | United Rentals | a[email protected]
  40. Janis Moseley | Retired 
  41. Kayla Noland | UACCM Student | [email protected]
  42. Dusty Norris | Crow Group Inc. | [email protected]
  43. Brenda Powell | McGeorge Contracting | [email protected]
  44. Ashleigh Price | Bernhard TME, LLC | [email protected]
  45. Magen Schlesier | C & F Steel Erectors, Inc.| [email protected]
  46. Lynne Sponer
  47. Mikaila Stackhouse | Rogers Group Inc   [email protected]
  48. Luiza Stratton | HILTI | [email protected]
  49. Heather Taylor | Centerline Systems | [email protected]
  50. Gail Thomas | Rogers Group Inc | [email protected]
  51. Maggie Tolomeo | Rogers Group Inc | [email protected]
  52. Wanda Virden | Koontz Electric Co., Inc. | [email protected]
  53. Samantha Watts | Baldwin & Shell Construction Company | [email protected]
  54. Keli Wylie | AR Department of Transportation | [email protected]    

Lisa Holder - Nabholz Construction

"Outstanding was my first thought when we talked about the partnership. I'm so excited for NAWIC to be working with ABC. I know this will mean statewide exposure, new relationships and growth for NAWIC. Sometimes I think NAWIC is the best kept secret in Little Rock!"

 -2014 NAWIC President

Bill Roachell - ABC Arkansas

“ABC Arkansas is committed to supporting industry efforts to develop diversity within the Construction Industry in Arkansas, and ensure new opportunities for women in construction. This is an exciting opportunity for ABC Arkansas to help grow the NAWIC Chapter in Arkansas,while promoting the merit shop philosophy and free enterprise. Together we can make great strides toward increasing opportunities for women in the construction field.”

 -Chapter President